Hailing from Hempstead, New York, part of the urbanized suburbs of Long Island, Phabian “S-Quire” Winfield rose onto the scene with his local hit “How We Do.” The classic feel-good hip-hop stylings of the track were enhanced by the smooth featured vocal of Marvin Moore, lead singer of Grammy Award-wining Product G&B (“Maria, Maria”).

The infectious hook resonated with listeners when S-Quire inked a single distribution deal. After the release of several more independent singles, the artist is prepped for a major rollout of his infection track “Panti N T-Shirt” this fall. The song previews S-Quire’s first full length project and is sure to take him to the forefront of buzzworthy hip-hop talent.

It was a fateful moment six years ago that led S-Quire to forge a career in music. He had been involved in a car accident, and unable to move about or leave his home, he sat down late one night and began to write. He released his thoughts and ideas onto paper, and they became the beginnings of his early composition for the project. Drawing inspiration from greats as diverse as LL Cool J, Marvin Gaye, and Keith Sweat, S-Quire realized how much time he had put into writing and listening to instrumentals and decided he was ready to turn music into his full time job.

Today, S-Quire sees a clear opening for his artistry in an era full of sound-a-like rappers and makes a point to be involved in his creative direction, most notably by writing all of his own material and playing a key role in the development of his sound.

“I love to be involved in the making of the beat as well,” he says. “I consider myself an artist whose music paints a picture. I like to see it come together…I’m one with the art, and the lyrics that pour out create a song.”

S-Quire’s sound melds elements of upbeat East Coast Hip-Hop with pop sensibility and a dash of the old-school rap influence of the greats he was reared on. Representing Long Island, New York, he plans to bring the energy of his section of the city to the apex of streaming charts everywhere.